Chinese Uber; Didi da che. (滴滴打车)

All teachers in China know that at peak times getting a taxi can be tricky.  With an estimated 40 Billion Taxi rides having taken place in 2013, the market for the Chinese version of Uber is one that these big players are fighting tooth and nail for! With Didi Da Che and Kuai Di Da Che having merged this year they now operate a business worth an estimated $6Billion.

With hundreds of millions of users in more than 300 Cities (yes there are more than 300 cities in China), Didi is an app worth getting for all ESL Teachers in China. It works the same way as Uber but can give foreigners living in China a few extra challenges! Firstly Chinese cities are very busy places so it can be hard to identify exactly what car is there to pick you up! Secondly if they need to call you then you want to be able to give them a pinpoint location.

If your new to China and Chinese then We recommend giving your Didi Da Che taxi driver a Lu Kou (路口) or road mouth location (between 2 roads) and then you can read off the pinyin!





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