3 deep benefits of teaching English in China

When deciding whether or not teaching English in China is for you or not, a lot of the advice you might read can be rather vague.
It will be a great experience. A wonderful adventure. One of the most memorable periods of your life. And a fantastic thing for your personal development.
All of those are true, of course. But how do they manifest?
What are some actual, deep, identifiable benefits of teaching English in China?
Here are 3 of them.
Get in with the locals
Sure, you could always visit China as a tourist. Travel around. See the sights. Go home again with a bunch of nice photographs.
But you’ll definitely have been on the outside of society. You may have seen some of the real China, but did you experience it? Did you live it? Probably not.
Teaching English in China allows you entry into real Chinese life. Schools and businesses are the lifeblood of a country, and working in them for a year gives you the kind of understanding that walking around with your camera for two weeks never can.
Personal and CV development
Although some people fall in love with China during their time teaching English and decide to stay after their initial contracts end, many do return home and move on to the next stage of their lives.
But that doesn’t mean the benefits of the China experience have ended.
You’ll likely return home a changed person in certain ways. It may be a new outlook on life, or it may be increased confidence in yourself.
Whatever changes you’ve gone through personally, your CV will also be changed forever. Spending time teaching English in China shows the kind of initiative and desire to challenge yourself that employers love.
Your time in the Middle Kingdom can help you find work even after you leave.
Build a network
Personal and professional business in China is done primarily through existing relationships and networks.
Good teachers are highly respected in China, meaning your students will want to help you out as much as they can. This could be in such everyday things as topping up the credit on your phone, getting the flat tyre on your bicycle fixed, or showing you around the local fruit and vegetable market.
While you may not be thinking of doing business while teaching English in China, the relationships you build during your time there could also become useful at some point in the future.
Although no longer at its peak, China’s economy still makes it an attractive place for foreigners to make money. If you one day decide to try it for yourself, building relationships and a network is something that will be massively beneficial.
Teaching English in China gives you the time and opportunity to do this naturally; especially when teaching adults in private training centres.
Getting to know your students on a personal level is a great thing to do; both to make your time in China run as smoothly as possible, and also as potential business networks in the future.
There’s no doubt that teaching English in China is a great experience, a wonderful adventure, and will be one of the most memorable periods of your life.
But the potential benefits may run deeper than you realise.

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