Every school TEFL Panda works with will either provide accommodation for you or will give you a reasonable housing allowance and help to find a suitable place to live on arrival.


TEFL Panda ensures on your behalf that all schools that provide accommodation do so to an acceptable standard for English teachers, a standard which is much higher than the average Chinese person would be living in.


Accommodation in China is likely to be a little different to what you are used to at home but as foreign teacher you can expect all the essentials to be in place and to be more than comfortable.


If you ever have any issues with you accommodation during your stay then your english speaking contact at the school will be there to help and if necessary we are also happy to step in on your behalf.


Housing allowances normally mean you can rent your own apartment and if you want more luxury you can also put some of your salary towards renting somewhere more expensive. The cost of rent varies in China from city to city. While in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen you are not likely to get much for 3000RMB a month in 2nd tier cities this is likely to seal the deal on a place with more than everything you need!


Apartments are normally located in small well kept and guarded communities which in Chinese go by the name of ‘xiao qu’. You may wish on arrival in your city to enquire as to which ‘xiao qu’ has the most foreigners as a quick way to find areas with better living conditions in better locations.


Some teachers like to employ a part time ‘ayi’ or ‘aunty’ to come and help with cleaning, washing, shopping, cooking and other household chores. The price for “Ayi’s has increased in recent years but are still popular amongst China’s expat communities.


Once you have arrived at your school TEFL Panda will always do a follow up call to ensure that everything is as it should be with regards to both your accommodation and your work life.